Thanks to everyone who helped Alyssa Matney during our fundraiser.  We have good reports on her and want to share them with you.  Alyssa started going to school shortly after her event at BBQ’d Productions.  Her family was nervous, they have had someone with her every minute since she got sick.  However, her family is happy to report that she is doing very well in school.  She is responding appropriately more and more.   

The other great news is that Alyssa had opportunity to try a hyperbaric chamber at home, she had a test run.  It went very well and the family is using the funds from our fundraiser to purchase a portable hyperbaric chamber for home.  The chamber is set up and the treatments started on Thanksgiving weekend!  She can do this every day and we have high hopes that we will see more progress.  In time we hope to have a video to share the progress!

Date: Sep 16, 2017 - 11am to 6pm
Location: BBQ’d Productions, Lake Zurich Directions
Alyssa is 13 now but last October, at 12, she was hospitalized with mono and strep throat.  Due unforeseen circumstances she suddenly went into cardiac arrest and was deprived of oxygen to the brain for a period of time causing significant brain damage.  This little girl has been deeply involved in cheerleading at Lake Zurich Middle School North.   Now she is in therapy, trying to get back some mobility and sight.  We are raising money to help continue the therapy and purchase needed equipment.  We have already helped the family purchase a wheelchair accessible van but the expenses just keep on coming.