In our adventures with Friends in Deed we have heard lots of sad stories and we have been fortunate to be able to lend some assistance to some of these people.  We have also, however, met some pretty great people who are inspiring us every day.  One of these people is Freddy Velasco.  Freddy started helping us, volunteering at our events, selling tickets, distributing flyers.  He will do anything we ask him to do .  Freddy has started his own mission now, he is in the process of building a program for disadvantaged kids.  This is in a neighborhood that needs to have an after school program to keep the kids out of the park where there are gangs and drug sales going on.  We have helped Freddy with some of his needs from time to time but, last fall, we used the proceeds from our Meat Raffle to help him build his program, Piper Lane Kids, in a larger way.  Freddy grew up in that neighborhood, got in with the wrong crowd, went down a very bad path.  But he saw the error of his ways.  He lives in that neighborhood now and his heart is with the kids, helping them avoid that bad path.